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Unique times, Unique solutions.

After our initial consultation over zoom or by phone call, we will determine what your skin type is and I will put together a customized product package to send to you in the mail. We will then meet face to face via zoom and I will walk you through the at-home facial step by step.

Who is this good for:

  • Those who have been indulging in sweets and wine during stressful times, and now your skin is starting to react

  • Moms that have been superheroes at home and have doubled the number of responsibilities due to lack of schooling and childcare

  • A good idea if your skin is starting to show the signs of stress due to uncertain times

  • If you've ever wanted to hone in on your skincare regimen with results

  • Interested in what Gua Sha is and how to properly use a stone

  • Also great if you just want to hang out and chat (like we do during normal facials), indulge in self-care, and learn how to create glowing skin from home

Please book one week in advance as this will allow me to ship you a customized facial kit. 

  • Each kit includes professional-grade facial products to ensure a result-driven protocol

  • Call or visit online booking to schedule your facial

The Virtual Facial: Welcome
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