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It is no secret that sustained and effortless radiance is found in ancient history. Wise women across time maintained their beauty through sophisticated self-care rituals based on a deep understanding of plants and herbs. By practicing these rituals today – in a way that is modern, sacred, and sexy – women can restore their connection with nature and rediscover a form of beauty that is healthy, sustainable, and untamed.

I'm Nicole and I am a certified holistic health coach, yoga instructor, and esthetician. Focusing on reducing chronic stress, I enjoy being able to bridge the gap between natural and western medicine. I have studied different modalities such as natural healing with Ayurveda, essential oils, intuitive eating, Chinese medicine, meditation, to name a few, so I myself can gain perspective from more than just one way of thinking. 

​I founded my coaching business based on my values and my life’s purpose. To help ground your body and mind with ease, grace and flow, gain strength and connection… to trust yourself and follow your inner guidance all while being gentle with yourself. It’s a delicate balance but we all hold the power to allow this to be a part of who we are in our daily lives.

Having worked in the health and beauty field for over 15 years and enjoying every moment of it., one thing that almost all my clients have in common is they just want to feel good both mentally and physically. Old injuries, disease, or stress at home and/or at work have led to fatigue, pain, and more than a few extra pounds.

​ My studies and experiences have taught me that reducing chronic stress helps reduce inflammation, pain, and visceral fat (the “muffin top”). I help clients sleep better, look better, and feel better through movement, nutrition, and breathwork. My goal as a coach is to help you create and maintain realistic goals in a way that will bring permanent change to your daily life while having fun and learning more about what you, your body, and lifestyle need.

​All Body Collective was created to integrate all things that make us feel good! Bringing together style, fitness, credible health & skin-related education, and, more importantly, support, to women using a holistic Body-Mind-Spirit approach while looking and feeling good.

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